Control Your Workspace with Wireless Automation Solutions in Toowoomba

A truly intelligent home is one that can be programmed to suit your lifestyle, while offering the possibility to update and modify everything with a simple App. A NERO Smart Home offers all that and more, by enabling devices to communicate with each other, giving users comfort, convenience, and peace of mind.

NERO, by Environexus, is an affordable, scalable, retrofit and wireless automation solutions in Toowoomba that allows you to build a dream smart home, one switch at a time. Your smartphone or tablet becomes the control interface for all connected devices, seamlessly merging lifestyle and technology into one.

NERO’s Australian designed wizard-based operating system offers complete customisation and control.




  • Control your lighting from anywhere on your phone. while on holidays have a timer setup to alternate lights in the evenings

  • dim your lighting in any room from any enabled Phone / Tablet

  • monitor you energy consumption


  • Install compatible home security systems in Toowoomba to monitor your home, arm it from your phone while in bed.

  • Disarm your security system while you are away to allow a guest into the home

  • Lock or Unlock your front, back, office door from anywhere, Never worry about leaving the house unsecured

  • Users can have a passcode to enter the home or have their phone enabled to access the home.


Your phone is the control centre

Almost anything is possible with an automated home utilising the NERO integrated system. In many cases we can simply add this equipment into a standard home, as each component communicates wirelessly without the need to run new cables.

This is a system to automate any existing home without an overhaul. An automation package can be as basic as controlling a few appliances remotely and some of your existing lighting to a fully automated home where your imagination is the limit. 

Beyond hardware controllers, Nero can also integrate with Sonos, Spotify, Foxtel, and many other platforms


  • Control any powerpoint from your phone, a pool pump, bedside lamps, outdoor lighting, Have the back shed turned off by the swipe of a button. Never have to worry about what has been left on when you are away

  • Garage Doors can be controlled from your phone, never lose the remote again



  • Control automatic Blinds to operate when a room hits a certain temperature to block out the sunlight

  • Have your Blinds automatically rise in the mornings

  • Have you air conditioner turn on automatically before you return home if the home is above a certain temperature

  • turn your air conditioning system on or off from anywhere, in case someone has left it on


With Pricing packages starting at $5000 to Retrofit an existing Installation

Contact your one of the leading home automation contractors in Toowoomba anytime for a free tailored quote.

Upfront priced packages to be announced soon.

  • Lighting control

  • On Demand lighting from sensors

  • Lighting control activation Via Door switches

  • Air conditioning control in conjunction with Mitsubishi Heavy Industries

  • Selected powerpoint control

  • Sonos Integration

  • Automatic Garage Door Integration

  • Home Security System Installation & Integration Optional

  • Front & Back Door control

  • Water Pump Control 

  • And Much More